Thousands of Magic cards, with a value of over 100,000 euros, are disposed of in a landfill

Thousands of Magic cards, with a value of over 100,000 euros, are disposed of in a landfill ...

Magic: The Gathering is a card game popular throughout the world, but it sometimes saves information, such as the thousands of copies that have been left in a landfill and published by a user.

The Wizards of the Coast game, created by Richard Garfied, has copies that cost tens of thousands of euros.

Today, Reddit users in North America have discovered many copies and boxes of the game in their landfills.

The user who found this information has changed his mind: "I can't answer everyone, so that's how I'll respond to the questions."

The cards are gone. I don't believe anyone who drove those bulldozers knew or saw what was inside. Supervisors don't care what's thrown away as long as it's not chemicals. "It's a matter of course."

Everything published under the name of LATIN0, he claims, is not his job there, and he was throwing garbage in his trailer, in addition to the fact that his children are not permitted to take anything from there; "There is no Black Lotus card," he claims.

Magic cards are thrown out the trash: good news, right?

"I didn't realize they were worth tens of thousands of dollars," said the woman who keeps sending private messages and comments. "I'm not getting rich, and I have nothing to sell."

The same user claims to have seen the Magic near where he was dumping out the trash and took the photographs. He didn't expect to become popular by revealing it on Reddit, but he wants to send a message.

"All the cards are covered with layers of rubbish, and 2-4 layers are added every day." That is, when he returned and decided to bring one home.

"I have two unopened copies of a special edition called Secret Lair," says the author, who keeps them to remind me of what might have happened in my life at this time.

"I don't deal with cards, I don't buy or sell," says the author, although the best is the final line: "Please don't threaten me, this is Texas."

Take a look at the Imgur album, which is filled with images. Yes, many will surely be harmed by seeing tens of thousands of Magic cards that cost almost 100,000 euros go to waste.

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