Xiaomi sold a 300-watt charger to the customer!

Xiaomi sold a 300-watt charger to the customer! ...

When marketing is stronger than common sense, here's a new record for charging power.

Realme announced the GT Neo 5 with a new high of 240W charging. This record was predicted to last a long time, since the Type-C connector itself is certified for such a high current capability. Now Xiaomi under the Redmi brand shows a 300W charger.

It takes less than five minutes to charge the 4100 mAh battery. It is the technology that is shown, and it has not yet been indicated in which phone it will be implemented and when. Today, this race is already beginning to go beyond common sense. If sooner, with a increase in power, the charge time would have decreased dramatically, but now the battle continues in a matter of minutes. Every minute costs us a part of the device's capacity and cost.

Redmi claims that they had to modify the connector in order to get this power, which presents some problems. European regulators are hesitant to intervene with certified technologies, and it is unlikely that such a smartphone would be permitted into international markets anymore.

Global Honor Magic Vs: a contender for the throne in the foldable smartphone segment can be seen here.

Oleksandr Kovalenko, the author, has published his work on the 02/28/2023 issue.

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