Nate becomes a full-fledged adversary for AFC Richmond's head coach after Ted Lasso's season three official trailer

Nate becomes a full-fledged adversary for AFC Richmond's head coach after Ted Lasso's season three o ...

The official trailer for Ted Lasso, a sports comedy series that chronicles the story of a small-town coach hired for the AFC Richmond franchise has been released by Apple.

The 90 second teaser is short, but it is accompanied by a lot of emotional scenes. Both teams will present their history during their first seasons in AFC Richmond and West Ham United, with Ted (Jason Sudeikis) as the other assistant coach. Nate Mohammed (Nick Mohammed) was previously a coworker in the show.

Richmond appears to be doing poorly following their recent promotion to the Premier League – as does the manager, who is once again being criticized and mocked by the media. With Nate gone, Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein) becomes a more prominent assistant coach and, to Ted and Byrd's (Brendan Hunt)'s (Sharon Wood)'s) surprise, praises the player on the field.

Nate, who has gone considerably gray in his time, works as an assistant to West Ham United's head coach (Anthony Head). However, the "prodigy" finds his new life not too gloomy – he drinks with sadness in his eyes alone in his parents' favorite Greek restaurant.

Hannah Waddingham, Juno Temple, Jeremy Swift, Tohib Jimo, Cristo Fernandez, Cola Bockinnie, Billy Harris, and James Lance are among the actors on the show.

The third season of 'Ted Lasso''s official trailer

Jason Sudeikis, who took on the responsibility of executive producer, developed the series with Bill Lawrence, Joe Kelly, and Brendan Hunt, according to NBC Sport's English Premier League promo in August 2020, and owing to the response from the audience, the series was extended for a second season (released in July 2021).

Ted Lasso's third season of sports comedy will be available on Apple streaming in the spring, with the first episode scheduled for March 15, while other episodes will be available weekly. A total of 12 episodes have been recorded.

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