Steam: A new sale has begun, and these game discounts are now available

Steam: A new sale has begun, and these game discounts are now available ...

Steam is offering a fresh sale: Valve has expanded the Midweek Madness section with new discounts. In the following days, you can get Knights of Honor 2: Sovereign at a price of 29.69 euros, a 34 percent decrease from previous days. Nebulous: Fleet Command (Early Access) is available at his expense.

New Steam Sale this week

A puzzle adventure for the popular building blocks is on offer at Portal 2: you can get the full version for 23.99 euros in the Steam Sale. You can also get Part 1 of Portal for the same price.

PC games enthusiasts are also a fan.

Hogwarts Legacy is beaten on Steam thanks to unfair methods.

Hogwarts Legacy is no longer the top of Steam sales charts. This is for a definite reason.

Update 2.3 of Tower of Fantasy: Celebrate the Anniversary of the Games and receive cool goodies!

Tower of Fantasy, an F2P online role-playing game that is available for PC and mobile devices, is commemorating its 25th anniversary today, shortly after the release of update 2.3.

Individual daily specials round out the Steam Sale in the middle of the week, including No Man's Sky (29.49 euros), Destiny 2 Legacy Collection (19.80 euros), Borderlands 3 (5.99 euros), Cult of the Lamb (17.24 euros), Ozymandias (11.24 euros) and Mech Armada. As usual, more discounts will go online on Friday, followed by the Steam Spring Sale, which will continue on March 16th.

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