For March 2023, here are the codes for Lords Mobile

For March 2023, here are the codes for Lords Mobile ...

Lords Mobile is a mobile strategy game developed by IGG, in which you must fight for your territory, recruit troops, besiege enemy strongholds, and defend your own. Affectionate graphics, a welcoming interface, and a clear development system attract ever more players.

Help us make the game more interesting, useful and enjoyable by providing Lords Mobile promotional codes that are updated every month, in order to maintain the interest in the game.

Valid Lords Mobile Codes

Three gift codes are required for Lords Mobile:

LMINLOVE2023 – 2000 energy, 200 artifact coins, five research boosts of 60 minutes each, 500,000 food, 150,000 stone, 150,000 wood, 50,000 gold, and a random teleport. Valid until March 15th. LM001 (Novice Only) – 10 Night Shards, 1000 energy, 10 training boosts of 10 minutes, 25 player experience bonus, 25 ore bonus (x10), 25 stone bonus (x10), 50,000 wood (x10)

Where can I enter codes?

If you are just beginning to play Lords Mobile and haven't yet learned the interface, here's how to get it.

Select the gear at the bottom of the screen.

Select Redemption Code in the menu that appears.

Enter the gift code in the box and click the submit button.

And we get the reward!

Deprecated Codes

Promos based on data are no longer relevant, and therefore will not work in the game if they are not entered:

100 VIP points in the amount of 5 pieces, 2,000 energy, 5 accelerations of research of 60 minutes, random movement (x1), 500 thousand food, 150,000 stone, 150,000 wood, 150,000 ore, 50,000 gold, 150,000 stone, 150,000 stone, 150,000 stone, 150,000 stone, 150,000 ore, and 200 artifact coins. LMS – 100 artifact coins, 2 thousand energy, 5 3 hour research boosts, 5 3 hour exploration boosts, 1 bravery, 2000 energy,


We strive to keep you informed of new bonuses and maintain a database of valid promotional codes for Lord Mobile so that you may be able to enjoy the game. If you discover a non-working code or an up-to-date one (and it isn't listed here), please post it.

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