PlayStation 5 is on sale at a reduced price, and is now offering a FREE Hogwarts Legacy copy: yes, you read that correctly

PlayStation 5 is on sale at a reduced price, and is now offering a FREE Hogwarts Legacy copy: yes, y ...

To date, it has been difficult to purchase a PlayStation 5 in Spain, and the fact that the stock is far from abundant, which has resulted in speculation and price increases that, let's say, were unfavorable.

The fact that Sony has managed to get a PS5 on sale for the first time has a positive effect. There are a number of stores that have applied discounts to the console, although we don't know how long they will last. The first of these is Carrefour, which sells the PS5 with Hogwarts Legacy for free for only 589 euros.

Amazon sells the PS5, but with God of War Ragnarok, one of the most amazing Sony exclusives, so fortunately you have a choice, and in both cases, fast shipping anywhere from Spain. The rest is a matter of taste.

Carrefour has offered PS5 for €589.

The price is already quite reasonable, adjusted to how much a console like this has to offer, but it is also lower than what we have seen in recent months and years, practically since its launch, so perhaps you shouldn't have to think about it too much further.

It is cheaper and is a good choice if you want to save as much as possible, although the difference is already minor.

The Carrefour pack, the one that comes with Hogwarts Legacy, is quite appealing for its price and for the gameplay it brings, and everyone is talking about it, an open-world RPG game that has been expected for a long time.

Delivery times are also critical, and we must not forget that until recently, it was quite common to sign up for a waiting list and wait months for your console to arrive. This is something that discouraged many people.

Now that Sony has finally managed to resolve its problem for the first time, many people have decided to buy an Xbox for the first time. The more inexpensive and widely available Xbox Series S

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