Everything We Know About Sarah Wade from Survivor 44

Everything We Know About Sarah Wade from Survivor 44 ...

'Survivor 44' is a season 44 episode of the popular reality TV show 'Survivor.' Sarah Wade is here to win and wants to make a difference.

Sarah Wade's Age and Background

Sarah Wade is an energetic and beautiful 27-year-old who hails from Rochester, Minnesota, and is currently residing in Chicago, Illinois. Due to her sports history, she is attracted to the National Honor Society, Key Club, and Robotics Club. During her time in school, she participated in tennis, intramural basketball, and other physically demanding activities.

The survivor 44 contestant loves being outside, whether it be for biking, training, or playing beach volleyball. Her main leisure activities include reading, listening to music, and enjoying raw food. She also dislikes closed-minded individuals who can only break the rules once in a while, and the sound of loud chewing!

Sarah Wade's Profession

Sarah's proudest accomplishment was her admission to Summa Cum Laude, an internationally recognized college of finance and economics, where she studied and graduated with a 3.98 GPA. This enabled her to secure a lucrative position as a management consultant, where she creates value, maximizes growth, and enriches her expertise to organizations.

Sarah joined the program because she has always been a huge fan of previous seasons and contestants. Now, she has the opportunity to experience something that she finds to be "surreal." Kalie's death two years ago was a tragic event in her life, but it fueled her to pursue her dreams because she realized that life is unpredictable and short-lived.

Sarah is said to be the daughter of John and Margaret Wade and has a brother who gave her solid advice on how different everyone's intentions might be and that she should focus on knowing each individual's uniqueness in order to solidify her game's strategy.

Sarah believes she will be the sole Survivor of the game because she is observant and knows the show inside out. She wants to be able to push her limits and realize how powerful and capable she is. On the program, she talked about working with diverse people and people from all backgrounds.

Is Sarah Wade dating anyone?

Sarah has kept her dating life hidden from the public eye for the time being, since she has only one private Instagram account. She talked about wanting to form an alliance with someone (solely for the game) who is somewhat different and loyal to her.

Will there be a coming up with a new friendship with her chosen partner on the program? Or is she already engulfed with a secret beau on the show? Only time will tell, but until then, we hope to see her overcome all of the challenges of 'Survivor 44' with ease.

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