Bright Vachirawit is out on Saturday Night, and his followers refer to him as "boyfriend material."

Bright Vachirawit is out on Saturday Night, and his followers refer to him as "boyfriend material." ...

Saturday Night, a brand new digital single, brings Bright Vachirawit back to life as the "perfect boyfriend" in a dreamy new music video starring Bua Nalinthip.

Bright, a well-known Thai drama and showbiz icon, made headlines during London Fashion Week. He was described as a "cinematic visual" after finishing his ambassador duties in the United Kingdom.

Bright, released on Saturday Night, features the popular Thai actress Bua Nalinthip Sakulongumpai.

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Saturday Night is the debut of Bright Vachirawit.

In the music video for Saturday Night, Bright, 25, and Bua, 33, set new date night goals.

The two young carefree hearts share sweet moments like there is no tomorrow.

Bright is recognized as the story-maker and artist for yet another masterpiece during the video's final credits.

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Lyrics for Saturday Night

Saturday Night is a perfect song to express the innocent wavering emotions one experiences following their first date. From wanting to know one another to hoping the night wouldn't come to an end, the feelings are conveyed flawlessly through the song's heartfelt lyrics.

Here's a peek at Saturday Night's romantic lyrics:

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Bright is dubbed "boyfriend material" by fans.

Fans can't help but fall in love with Bright, as it is the perfect "boyfriend material."

"I feel like the music video of Saturday Night is a subtle nod to bright's favorite romantic film, About Time," says a fan.

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