Following the successful completion of her single Lottery, Latto replies to haters

Following the successful completion of her single Lottery, Latto replies to haters ...

Latto is currently honoured for her latest pop single, Lottery, which topped the charts at the 83rd position. However, she later found herself defending the celebrations after being mocked for the track's success.

This article will teach you all you need to know about the game.

Latto posted a picture of herself on Twitter on Monday, 27th February, revealing that her most recent song, Lottery, was ranked at 83rd on the Billboard Hot 100.

LU KALA, a Congolese-Canadian collaborator, was also involved in the celebrations while commenting on the post.

'I'm crying,' she wrote. 'This is my first time ever charting.'

Although not everyone is a fan of the song's success, they were adamantly critical of the Big Energy hitmaker's chart position.

'You're 83# and you're celebrating. Girl, you're ridiculous. I won't do that if you don't want to be a rapper.'

After receiving the message, Latto took the opportunity to retaliates to the user.

'You're not in my place,' she wrote, 'You're not in my place!' Leave De-Lu Lu Land! A bunch of could nevers tryna make me not proud! PLEASE lemme see u do it den s***! U sitting on your dreams I'm living mine!'

'Your first entry in a year,' another user said of Latto.

'Your first — NVM [nevermind],' Latto retorted.

Latto appeared on Billboard's latest cover story which was released on 24th February Friday.

On Twitter, the Atlanta rhymer shared information about her famous feud with Nicki Minaj, which occurred in October.

'It's difficult to deal with situations like that because there's a disconnect. I'll look at myself as a fan of someone and they'll perceive me in a completely different light.'

'You just have to take it to the chin and keep pushing,' she said.

Minaj made a joke about Latto's hit single Big Energy.

The recording academy reportedly began the process after Minaj's hit song Super Freaky Girl was removed from the Grammys nomination list.

On the social media platform, Latto responded by sharing private messages, which resulted in a heated exchange between the two rappers.

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