Find a pistol tip on location and ammo attachment in Sons of the Forest

Find a pistol tip on location and ammo attachment in Sons of the Forest ...

Sons of the Forest is a new survival game that involves finding the pistol. Here we show you where to find them, ammunition, and the first attachment.

Find ammo for the pistol in this section.

Ammunition can be found at various points around the island. At the beginning of the game, there are several boxes filled with ammunition right next to your crash site. For additional balls, look for the purple GPS coordinates and the flashing green dots on the map. Sometimes dead soldiers will be found carrying ammunition.

Glitch for unlimited ammo

If you're worried that you'll never get enough, or that you'll run out too quickly, we'll give you the all-clear. At this point in time, the game also includes a glich that makes it simple to collect unlimited bullets, arrows, wires, and other items.

Simply set up camp next to the profitable location, save and reload the game. No matter what you have collected at this point, after a restart they all disappear, and you may retrieve them back later. This works at the same time as at the beginning of the game.

Find the weapon attachment.

The pistol attachment will be found near the spot where the pistol was discovered. The western portion of the map's coast is entered by a creek that flows north-east, east, and south. There you will find a dead stranded guy leaning against a rock on the southern part of the beach, who also has the pistol attachment.

Look further west out to sea to find the pistol. It's important to swim there, but be careful of the sharks in the water. This is how to make a shelter on the beach before you start swimming.

The gun will be there when you get to the tent, containing a book inside. It's worthwhile to clear out the whole tent at the same time. If you've previously collected ammunition, you now have a method of getting rid of sharks and making your return easier.

If you have the attachment and the pistol together, you can use the two weapons in the inventory. Currently, however, the attachment does not offer any advantages when aiming with the weapon. This leads us to assume that different sights will be found in the game in the future.

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