In Japan, Dragons Dogma has its own credit card

In Japan, Dragons Dogma has its own credit card ...

Capcom has announced that it is now possible to request a credit card dedicated to Dragon's Dogmacreated to commemorate the game's tenth anniversary.

The card is issued by JCB and is free for the first year. From the second on, you have to pay 1,375 yen per year (about 10 euros).

The Dragon's Dogma credit card is now available.

Applying for a credit card before May 31, 2023 will result in a phone ring that has always been themed with the game. Instead, it will result in a Dragon's Dogma alarm clock.

The Dragon's Dogma phone ring.

The alarm clock for Dragon's Dogma is on.

It's strange to see a game like Dragon's Dogma celebrated in this manner. It's quite likely that Capcom thought that by now many of those who have played it are eager to have their credit card, waiting for Dragon's Dogma II to be released.

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