In 2022, Russia remained in the top ten countries for smartphone sales, but it lost two positions

In 2022, Russia remained in the top ten countries for smartphone sales, but it lost two positions ...

Despite a difficult economic environment and obstacles in the electronics trade, Russia remained in the top ten global smartphone markets at the end of 2022. According to Izvestia, the country lost two positions, falling from sixth to eighth place. According to experts, the market is already recovering thanks to the expansion of Chinese manufacturers and parallel imports. Therefore, it is expected that the market will recover some ground in 2023.

Russia ranked eighth in this category in 2022, trailing China (24.1%), India (12.7%), and the United States (111.9%), followed by Japan (22.5%) and Mexico (2.8%). In 2021, the country ranked seventh in the global smartphone market.

According to reports, Russia's smartphone market slowed in the second quarter of last year, with the exception of essential goods. This year, it is expected that the country's smartphone market will regain its sixth position.

The press services of retail chains indicate a resurgent interest in smartphones – both in terms of visitor numbers to online shops and traffic at "physical" point of sale – and the rise in promotions and discounts is reflected in the competition of Chinese brands.

Industry experts agree that the domestic market may remain at levels as they did last year, but the worldwide market might decline, as you know in 2022. The greatest drop in smartphone sales in Russia occurred in the second and fourth quarters, and retailers in the third and fourth quarters reported a resurgent interest in gadgets.

Despite sanctions and logistics problems, Russia is the largest consumer of smartphones in Europe, according to TelecomDaily's CEO. This suggests that sales in 2023 will be higher than in the past, as will market access, discounts, and promotions, and even the return of previous brands.

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