Apple will take over Netflix's worst feature

Apple will take over Netflix's worst feature ...

Apple will take over Netflix's worst feature, according to reports from JVTech.

Published on 02/28/2023 at 07:35

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Netflix is putting a lot of new stuff to the test right now. Some of these concepts are largely ignored... poorly. One wonders why, of all the services offered by Netflix, Apple would choose the most unpopular. However, this is what the Cupertino company is about to accomplish.

Money Issues and Features on Netflix to Address

Most people believe that Netflix is healthy and producing astronomical sums. The truth is that buying, producing, and hosting tens of thousands of films and series costs an arm and a leg. Even if Netflix maintains its "TOUDOUM" for over 230 million subscribers, the king of the streaming market continues to struggle to meet its profitability criteria.

Netflix will need to redouble its innovation in order to finally make money for itself. In 2023, Netflix would be able to attract tens of millions of subscribers, quite to make them pay for the services it charges. This is already what Netflix does on a regular basis, although it would not be willing to sacrifice subscribers in the process.

The third path is the search for new growth avenues. Netflix's biggest challenge right now is combating account sharing. We have already written several articles on this topic. The 100 million people who watch Netflix without paying represent a major imbalance that the streaming service plans to remedy.

Netflix has devoted so much time to account sharing, it's likely that the previous one was not successful. On November 5, 2022, Netflix launched "Essentiel avec pub." This is the name for a new subscription structure, which is cheaper than the others (only €5.99 per month), that allows you to place advertisements between two episodes of your favorite show.

The arrival of ads on Netflix has caused the press and social networks to react enormously... badly. Worse still, this new subscription model has failed to fulfill its promise. A few months after establishing Netflix Essential with ads, the accounts no longer exist.

Apple: a FREE Apple TV+ subscription service, soon to be accompanied by advertising?

The introduction of a low-cost subscription model with advertising is certainly one of the worst in Netflix's history. However, according to Our colleagues at the American website The Information, Apple is willing to use it for its own streaming service, Apple TV +. This is why the apple recently poached Lauren Fry, a major advertising specialist for both television and streaming platforms.

Lauren Fry's team would have been formed in November 2022, and 7 or 6 figure agreements would have already been agreed upon. Apple already broadcasts advertising in sports broadcasts for which the Apple brand owns the rights.. Advertising experts agree that Apple has a very good possibility of integrating advertising inserts into Apple TV+ productions in the near future.

Netflix and Apple's situations aren't exactly comparable. Apple is an ultra-profitable brand with the world's largest market capitalization, and its VOD service is just dust in its dust. A dust, nevertheless!

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