In 2022, Russia remained at the top ten countries in smartphone sales, losing two positions

In 2022, Russia remained at the top ten countries in smartphone sales, losing two positions ...

Despite the difficulties in the electronics industry and obstacles in the supply chain, Russia remained in the top ten global smartphone markets at the end of 2022. According to Izvestia, the country lost two positions, falling from sixth to eighth. The market is already recovering thanks to the expansion of Chinese vendors and parallel imports. Therefore, it is highly probable that the market will recover some ground in 2023.

Russia ranked eighth in the world in this statistic. The leaders are China (24.1%), India (12.7%), and the United States (11.4%), as well as Japan (2.5%) and Mexico (2.8%). In 2021, the country ranked sixth.

The decrease in market share last year occurred amid the cessation of official phone deliveries to Russia by some well-known brands, including Samsung and Apple, and Chinese brands failed to immediately fill the gaps left by previous customers. Despite this, Russian residents reduced spending on goods in the third quarter of last year, the country's smartphone market climbed to 3.1 percent this year, and in the fourth quarter.

Both the number of visitors to online shops and traffic at "physical" points of sale are increasing, and the competition from Chinese brands has a positive impact on the increase in the number of promotions and discounts.

Industry experts agree that the domestic market may remain at the level of last year, but the global market will shrink as a result of the decline in smartphone sales throughout the world in 2022. In the 2nd and 4th quarters, retailers register a restoration of interest in gadgets, the corresponding vector should continue in the future.

Despite sanctions and logistic issues, Russia is the largest consumer of smartphones in Europe, according to TelecomDaily's CEO. This suggests that sales in 2023 will be higher than in the previous years, and that many older brands will remain.

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