Tesla: this revolutionary electric vehicle design will save Elon Musk from another humiliation

Tesla: this revolutionary electric vehicle design will save Elon Musk from another humiliation ...

JVTech Tesla's latest super-powerful electric car model will save Elon Musk from another humiliation.

Published on 02/28/2023 at 06:40

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Tesla's electric pickup, the Cybertruck, is coming very soon, and we have new photographs that demonstrate its evolution. A few months before its official release, Tesla is starting a communication campaign a few days before its Investor Day.

Will the Cybertruck be able to resist this time?

We all remember the disgraceful moment when Elon Musk saw the windows of his pickup truck breaking twice when they should have resisted. This should not be the case with the present changes.

What's Inside, a Youtuber, saw the Cybertruck driving and immediately shared it on Twitter. We learn a lot more about the current version of the vehicle.

In the video, Elon Musk declares that he will include solar panels. This isn't the case, although it's a safe bet that the roof was painted in this color.

Without forgetting that the resistance will be there again, we shall see it again. Thus, this retractable solar panel roof is designed to support an adult person's weight.

The Tesla Cybertruck Has Been Unveiled Once More

Another Youtuber, Snazzy Labs, got a chance to see Tesla's electric automobile. What put the Cybertruck's enormous size into perspective. A pickup that is unimaginable in European cities.

Despite its ultra-angular shape, people around the world are becoming adamant. Indeed, many are still willing to purchase it following the opening of pre-orders, with a ticket of 100 dollars. Its ultra-angular shape makes it a danger for many regulations.

On February 25, a second image from Tesla was released, showing the Cybertruck, complete with wheels that will unfortunately not be included in the final model.

The most significant part of Tesla's new electric platform should be unveiled on March 1, on Investor Day. This will surely provide an opportunity to talk a little more about the long-awaited Cybertruck. See you on YouTube on March 1st.

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