After Weverse live shenanigans, Jungkook, the star of BTS, takes over international trends

After Weverse live shenanigans, Jungkook, the star of BTS, takes over international trends ...

Jungkook's new Weverse live has sent the internet into a frenzy once more. The BTS star blessed the fans, ARMY, as this is the fourth time he has gone live in less than a month.

BTS announced that the Grammy-nominated band would stop performing its mandatory military duties as a group. Since then, the group has embarked on individual solo endeavors with new albums and collaborations.

Jungkook made headlines just a few months ago when he performed his solo album Dreamers during the 2022 FIFA World Cup. He became the first Korean artist to perform during the biggest football tournament.

Jungkook set a new record for the highest real-time views on a Weverse live with 16.3 million views this year.

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Jungkook connects to Weverse and trends throughout the world.

Jungkook was invited to a Weverse live on February 28. This month is certainly a wonderful Valentine's for fans as it is the fourth time Jungkook has been on live in less than a month. Shortly after, the Dreamers hitmaker climbed to the top spot on Twitter's worldwide trends.

The star wore his signature black T-shirt, which included his tattoos, which he displayed on his desk for "no particular reason." Jungkook's dog, Bam, was absent from the stream during his recent visits.

The star continued to perform a mini concert in Jungkook fashion. J-Hope and Jimin, also joined JK on Weverse and dropped their opinions.

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Fans go wild and spit out - 'I volunteer.'

Jungkook's latest shenanigans have sparked a stir among fans once more. Let's take a look at some of the fan reactions.

"I volunteer" quickly grew:

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Jungkook is just doing Jungkook things:

Fans are enthralled by the length of their hair:

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