In 2022, Russia remained in the top ten countries in smartphone sales, but it dropped two spots

In 2022, Russia remained in the top ten countries in smartphone sales, but it dropped two spots ...

Despite the difficult economic environment and obstacles in the electronics industry, Russia remained in the top ten global smartphone markets at the end of 2022. According to Izvestia, the country lost two positions, dropping from sixth to eighth place. According to experts, the market is already recovering thanks to the expansion of Chinese vendors and parallel imports. Therefore, it is expected that the market will recover some ground in 2023.

Russia is among the countries that sold the most smartphones in the world in 2022, with China (24.1%), India (12.7%), Brazil and Indonesia (3.1% each); Japan (22.5%) and Mexico (2.8%), but in 2021, the country ranked sixth.

Russians reduced their purchases of goods in the second quarter of last year, with the exception of essential goods, while in the IV quarter, the country's smartphone market regained its sixth position this year, with a share of no less than 2.2 percent.

The press services of retail chains indicate a rebirth of interest in smartphones: both the number of visitors to online stores and the number of visitors to "physical" points of sale are increasing, and the competition between Chinese brands has an influence on the increase in promotions and discounts.

Industry experts confirm the trend. The domestic market may remain stable as last year, but the global market may shrink, as you know in 2022. The peak of the decline in demand in Russia fell on the 2nd and 4th quarters of last year, and representatives of retail chains predicted that the same trend would continue in the future.

Despite sanctions and logistic issues, Russia is the largest consumer of smartphones in Europe, according to TelecomDaily's head. In his opinion, sales in 2023 may be better than in the past, and even the return of previously established brands isn't ruled out.

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