How to Get Dehya at Genshin Impact

How to Get Dehya at Genshin Impact ...

How to Get Dehya at Genshin Impact

Dehya may be taken over by Genshin Impact 3.5, yet many gamers continue to support this deadly mercenary. Here's how to obtain her.

How to Get Dehya at Genshin Impact

Dehya, like many other Genshin Impact characters, is gained when you make a wish on her flag, which is dubbed "Auric Blaze." The Pyro character's drop rate has significantly increased in this time-limited Event Wish, making her more accessible to you.

The next guaranteed five-star character will only be available on your 90th draw, so keep trying until you get it. On the 180th try, you're certain to get it.

If you use the banner, your odds of winning Barbara, Bennet, and Collei will increase. Bennet, by contrast, is the most valuable member of the three troops and would be a great asset to your squad. The youthful explorer has been the game's best buffer and may be a valuable asset to many different kinds of formidable teams.

Is Dehya Worth Supporting in Genshin's Impact?

When it comes to getting new characters in gacha games, players like to get units they like, regardless of their abilities. It's also important to realize that a powerful character today might be irrelevant tomorrow.

Dehya is a tad jerk due to her inability to retaliate Elemental Reactions. Similar to Albedo, she may inflict Pyro damage on foes within her Flaming Sanctum area using her Elemental Skill.

Dehya's off-field Pyro assaults are too slow to adequately activate any Elemental Reactions on paper.

Dehya is a poor backup player due to her role as the team's main damage dealer. Dehya is not a very good backup player either.

Dehya's time-limited Event Wish will expire, and she'll be promoted to the Standard flag. Most players will not want to support her because she's so easy to get hold of if you lose the 50/50 system.

Dehya's loyalty to her is ultimately a matter of preference. While Genshin is primarily a single-player experience, equipping her with powerful artefacts and a good weapon will still make her a decent troop.

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