In the World of Tanks, a review of the BZ-58-2: equipment selection and field upgrades

In the World of Tanks, a review of the BZ-58-2: equipment selection and field upgrades ...

The BZ-58-2 in World of Tanks is a Tier 9 Chinese promotional heavy tank that does not have the performance of jet boosters, but has a built-in large repair kit, and we'll discuss its advantages with other Tier 9 heavy tanks and field upgrades.

In the second half of the 1950s, work on the BZ-58-2 was undertaken as part of a concept of "border cover tanks." The uniqueness of the technique lies in the combined hull: a cast frontal part with large angles of inclination of the armor, and welding was used for the rest of the hull.

What is the price of BZ-58-2?

The tank is a promotional item, and the only way to get it is to purchase 24 tokens, which can be earned when complete chapters in the Battle Pass.

BZ-58-2 TX

BZ-58-2 Overview

On the basis of pumped Chinese heavy tanks, the Soviet T-10, and other tokens, various methods were used.

The BZ-58-2 gun caliber 130 mm has a one-time damage of 520 units, which is quite nice and higher than many classmates.

You may carry a couple with you, either as a basic armor-piercing projectile 250 mm (1050 m/s); or as a special (gold) projectile 303 mm (1250 m/s); or as a high-explosive fragmentation projectile 68 mm (1050 m/s).

Basic armor penetration isn't the worst, but it won't be enough in a battle with "tens." Gold sub-calibers are good for level 9. Both types of weapon have a high flight speed.

The 130 mm 0.35mm pistol has excellent accuracy at 100 meters, but it has poor stabilization and a long gun aiming time of 2.88 seconds. The damage per minute is average for a large alpha.

It has a good turret traverse speed as for a TT and vertical guidance angles of -8... +20°, which are ideal for playing from the terrain, which is normally unusual for Chinese strands.

The hull armor is distinguished by a cast 70 mm VLD with a good inclination of the armor, so the reduction increases to 300 mm. The lower frontal part is large, so be sure to conceal it.

The turret appears to be interesting because it can reduce rifle shells by up to 400 mm depending on the angle. The gun mantlet has no weaknesses, and the roof is 50 mm, so under the 3-caliber rule, it can ricochet gun shells up to 150 mm.

The commander's turrets are located at the rear of the tower, making it difficult to aim them, and one of them is covered with a machine gun.

The BZ-58-2 is light in weight, so it should avoid collisions with other bands. At the same time, it has a weak engine, so the specific power is not adequate 13 hp / t. The top speed of 35/15 km/h is also not impressive.

The only "honey" in a "barrel of tar" is the chassis turning speed, which is solidly in place. The viewing distance is short – 380 meters, and the communication range is fairly narrow to the worst among the "nines."

Advantages and disadvantages

We may highlight the BZ-58-2's strengths and weaknesses by resolving its tactical and technical attributes.


Excellent alpha-strike good accuracy as for 130 mm guns high bullet velocity comfortable air-to-surface control strong turret ricochet VLD good maneuverability and turret traverse speed, it is difficult to spin


Low armor penetration, long aiming, poor stabilization, lengthy reloading, poor dynamics, and limited communication range

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The BZ-58-2 has a smaller number of equipment assemblies, so you must choose between consolidating the advantages and strengthening the disadvantages.

The second option involves using a Turbocharger to tighten the dynamics (for the first time, you'll need a Trophy).

Crew Training for BZ-58-2: Perk Selection

The tank's crew is composed of four individuals, and the commander has a combined specialization with a radio operator.

Equipment selection

The BZ-58-2 has a built-in large repair kit, which is automatically replenished after each battle, and credits are not written off. In the remaining slots we put a first-aid kit (large / small at your discretion) and a fire extinguisher (automatic) if fire extinguishing is not pumped.

BZ-58-2 field upgrade

If you try to find a "golden mean," adding additional modules will help improve the machine's necessary features.

If you are playing with a turbocharger, you will be able to maintain speed while traversing all kinds of terrain. Lapping gear guidanceto speed up the convergence time. Periscope electric driveto add an overview. Nothing or Power redistribution (Diagram 2)

BZ-58-2's techniques

The Tier 9 heavy Chinese tank BZ-58-2 is a breakthrough technique, so it must always be at the forefront. When playing up close, the poor stabilization will not be felt much, so the chance of hitting the enemy is greater, as the gun mantlet is very strong here.

Medium tanks will not be permitted to circle due to the excellent turning speed of the chassis and turret.

When playing from the terrain, the tank is confident; many Soviet and Chinese heavy tanks are envious of it. A solid one-time damage allows you to play from the alpha, and with a large margin of safety, you may exchange.

Despite the accuracy and speed of projectiles in a given situation, you can be sure to strike the enemy at medium and long distances. This may be utilized if the enemy has a numerical advantage and you know where to meet him in advance.

Take into account the BZ-58-2's low top speed and weak power density - the "Achilles' heel." It is important to choose the correct direction, because you may not have time to change the flank.

Should I get the BZ-58-2 with Battle Pass tokens?

This Chinese heavyweight is a fascinating machine, despite its apparent flaws (reduction, stabilization, and dynamics). If you are willing to accept its shortcomings and allow it to unlock its potential, the tank will enthuse you with its gameplay.

AE Phase I is likely to be more versatile and less demanding on skill, therefore it is preferred for beginners, but BZ-58-2 should be taken by experienced players who can "curb" its flaws, since this requires skill and patience.

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