Racist Cartoons Reap Controversy on Atomic Heart

Racist Cartoons Reap Controversy on Atomic Heart ...

Atomic Heart Disputes Over Racist Cartoon Controversies

Atomic Heart features a racist caricature, which appears in a Resident Evil-style save room, where players may save, rest from battle, upgrade, or craft items.

Classic cartoons known as Nu, Pogodi, or Well, Just You Wait!

There is also a television in the room. Nu, Pogodi, or Well, Just You Wait! were some of the first Soviet cartoons to air in 1969.

In the 1978 episode Museum, something sprang out of nowhere, which featured images of members of an African tribe being represented in a stereotypical and racist manner.

Players were furious that this image had been made in Atomic Heart. Some became furious and criticized Mundfish's decision on ResetEra.

Mundfish has been accused of being linked to Russia for the first time. The Ukrainian side even demanded that Atomic Heart be removed from circulation on all platforms.

Ukraine Requests an Atomic Heart to Be Withdrawn From Circulation!

Mundfish Apologizes.

Mundfish immediately responded to the situation, writing a statement as well as a reprimand to the players.

„We apologize if cartoons or old music has been offensive or inflammatory. This section will be corrected,” wrote Kai Bailey's Twitter account.

Mundfish was initially hesitant to respond to the controversy. They just stated that they would edit the piece that was offending out of respect for the players. It's unclear when this section will be updated.

Atomic Heart is no stranger to a slew of disputes, from the developer's involvement with Russia to controversial and racist cartoons.

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