My AI, a chatbot built on ChatGPT, has been released by Snapchat

My AI, a chatbot built on ChatGPT, has been released by Snapchat ...

Snapchat has unveiled the My AI chatbot, powered by OpenAI's ChatGPT platform. The developers' intention is to eventually make the service available to all Snapchat users, and this is just the start of the company's generative artificial intelligence initiatives.

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel is willing to bet that AI-enabled chatbots will become a part of everyone's daily lives. "We will talk to AI every day," he says.

My AI is essentially a snap mobile version of Snapchat's ChatGPT, except that she is more limited in her responses. Snap trained the chatbot to be trustworthy and secure, and not respond with profanity, abusive content, or material on dangerous topics such as politics. It also removes the ability to compose essays and review articles that have already been banned in several educational institutions.

generative AI should be treated more as a person by the Snap team, as it should be an assistant inside Snapchat, with which the user can communicate. The AI profile page is similar to that of any other Snapchat user, although with their own alien Bitmoji avatar.

Snap is one of the first OpenAI clients developed for enterprise use, which allows businesses to leverage the latest GPT-3.5 architecture for large workloads. According to Spiegel, Snap will probably eventually include larger language libraries from vendors other than OpenAI so that it may eventually communicate with AI as a human.

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