The CYL-HUB vila recognizes the top startups in the region

The CYL-HUB vila recognizes the top startups in the region ...

Emma Fernández, the general director of the Junta de Castilla y León's Social Economy and Autonomous, presided over the closing ceremony of the CYL-HUB Avila event, to which we were invited to speak, and she emphasised the Junta's strong commitment to entrepreneurship., from the province of vila, won the prize for its direct entry to the Digital Enterprise Show (DES), which will take place from June 13 to 15 in Malaga. Second place has gone to Genyus School, while third to AXSOL.

The Provincial Council of vila, the vila City Council, the University of Salamanca, Tracción vila, the Tatiana Pérez de Guzmán El Bueno Foundation, the Caja Rural de Salamanca, Clarke Modet, and the TIMMIS Poliniza project have all contributed to the program, which has been funded by the Junta de Castilla y León.

CYL-HUB vila has also presented 16 round tables, talks, and workshops, as well as an institutional act. These included the Secretary General of the Junta de Castilla y León, Alberto Daz Pico, and rector of the UCAV, Mara del Rosario Sáez, who was elected president of the Provincial Council of vila, and Emilio Corchado, the director of the CYL-HUB project.

The primary objectives of this event have been to enable startups to connect with different corporations and investors, to acquire investment and clients, and, of course, to foster and strengthen talent, digitization, and the entrepreneurial culture, as well as to engage younger generations, women, rural areas, and the unemployed population in the entrepreneurial environment, and to encourage them to become active participants in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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