Football streaming may become a luxury!

Football streaming may become a luxury! ...

The rights to the various championships, cups, etc. are constantly jumping from channel to channel, whether it is SportTV, Eleven, BTV, or even the generalist channels, who are always trying to reach an agreement.

Following a first study sponsored by Apple, things might be about to change.

Major League Soccer, or the North American Football Championship, sold its rights to Apple in a long-term agreement (10 years). A transaction that might just be the beginning of a bizarre, and potentially extremely costly future for football enthusiasts.

Of course, this isn't the first time that a live sporting event has been streamed from a streaming platform. Despite the odds, everything is still going well for Apple TV.

Consumers like the new features, such as MLS 360, which goes from game to game, showing the best moments from each game. There is also the possibility of seeing more than one game at the same time, on the same screen or on different screens.

Regardless, a Season Pass for championships, European or World events, can be a costly joke for the most common enthusiast.

If things go in this direction, and streaming platforms are serious about competing with the traditional Premium TV channels, this might be our future!

There is also the possibility of a Benfica, Porto, or Sporting package, which lowers the subscription fee a bit, but allows the user to watch only the games of his favorite team. However, the possibility of anything happening in the near future is frightening.

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