Snapchat has developed its own chatbot based on ChatGPT

Snapchat has developed its own chatbot based on ChatGPT ...

ChatGPT, powered by OpenAI, is at its height today, and Snapchat has joined the group.

Snapchat has launched a chatbot built on ChatGPT, but cautions that nobody should disclose secrets or rely on Snapchat's new My AI.

Why does Snapchat need artificial intelligence? The company released the software today and explained how ChatGPT was developed for Snapchat, and while the feature is still experimental, it is unlikely to go anywhere.

My AI, according to Snapchat, is excellent for birthday present ideas, poems, recipes, and even travel planning. You may also customize the AI by adding custom wallpapers.

Snapchat issued a warning, and given how substandard AI can be, it is better that a warning be issued. This is mostly due to the general strange behavior of chatbots, but the real concern is that the company will store all of the information received from My AI and analyze it to improve the experience.

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