The Year 3 Evening has already been confirmed, as well as the date, venue, boxers, and what surprises!

The Year 3 Evening has already been confirmed, as well as the date, venue, boxers, and what surprise ...

The river has already presented his intentions for the Year 3 Eveningan event, which aspires to set new crowd records for the first two editions of the Evening on Twitch... because in person they will set them for good: they want to fill the Metropolitan Stadium.

For weeks, Ibai had been promoting the Year 3 Evening event, in which some of the most well-known streamers and content creators in the Spanish-speaking world meet thousands of people in the ring of boxing.

When and where will the Year 3 Soiree take place? The answer is now at the Cvitas Metropilitano stadium in Madrid, which is no longer owned by Wanda.

On July 1, the Cvitas Metropolitano will host the third night of the year 3.

Ibai refilled the Barcelona Olympic Palace with 12,500 seats that filled quickly. To give more people the chance to see the fighting, they have moved the evening to Atletico Madrid.

Evening 3, which will be available for 60,000 people, is still on sale. "As we sell out, Atlético calls me to do another one next month," Ibai jokes.

As Ibai himself predicted on a previous occasion, ticket prices for the six fights will be between 30 and 70 euros. "If I don't sell out, they'll give me the ass," he said.

The Year 3 Evening's Matches

Ibai presented on his Twitch channel all of the information from Evening 3, including the most important thing: the boxers.

This time, all will be streamers (without guests like Jaime Lorente or Bustamente), but there are others who have already been there, as well as two of the most famous streamers in history: Fernanfloo and German Garmendia.

All the confirmed battles for the third year's party:

Ampeter vs. Papi Gavi Rivers vs. La Rivers Luzu vs Fernanfloo Shelao vs. Viruzz Amouranth vs. Mayichi Coscu vs Germán Garmendia

These are the six fights that took place on the evening of Year 3, more international than ever (Amouranth is the first English-speaking streamer, while the "main event" between Coscu and Germán Garmendia (HolaSoyGerman) is the first without a Spanish participant.

The Year 3 Evening will take place on Ibai's Twitch for 60,000 people on August 1st, 2009. Evening 2 reached a height of 3.3 million viewers, will they surpass it in its third edition?

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