With the purchase of Atomic Heart in VK Play, Kaspersky Premium will be available for 100 days for free

With the purchase of Atomic Heart in VK Play, Kaspersky Premium will be available for 100 days for f ...

Russian users receive 100 days of free access to the new Kaspersky Premium security solution that offers gamers an advantage when purchasing a PC version of Atomic Heart on VK Play.

With the new Kaspersky Premium antivirus solution, Kaspersky Lab and VK Play have teamed up to provide players with a unique gaming experience and multi-layered protection for confidential data, privacy, game accounts, and online purchases.

Russian users receive 100 days of free early access to the new Kaspersky Premium security solution for PC gamers.

According to a Kaspersky Lab study, almost every fifth gamer in Russia has experienced a hacked gaming account in the previous two years. Professional gamers, for the majority (84%) believe that account hacks are a serious problem.

Atomic Heart, according to Marina Titova, Kaspersky Lab's head of product marketing for consumer business, is one of the most anticipated action/RPG games of the year. Players are offered an advanced solution – Kaspersky Premium.

Vasily Maguryan, VK Play's CEO, he added, "VK Play strives to provide players as many benefits as possible." Thanks to cooperation with Kaspersky Lab, the VK Play platform's attractiveness has reached a new high, providing players with high level of protection.

The games Atomic Heart take place in a different Soviet Union in the 1950s, which has become the most technologically advanced country in the world. However, a massive system failure at Facility #3826 has resulted in the machines rising up against humanity. Players will have to face off against out of control robots and uncover the truth behind the rapid progress.

Kaspersky Premium's Features

Kaspersky Premium is a revolutionary multi-layered protection that protects against all known cyber threats and repels threats of any size, including ransomware, cryptominers, fileless threats, and zero-click malware.

The solution also prevents cryptoscams and phishing, protects personal information and payment data, prevents information leaks, keeps passwords and documents in a safe, and protects against unlawful surveillance and unauthorised access to information via a PC or Android device.

Kaspersky Premium includes a gaming mode that prioritizes gaming, and a space cleaner that scans your hard disk for duplicate files, expired programs, and anything else you don't need to free up space. Additionally, the software includes smart home monitoring that helps speed up PC startup and operation.

Kaspersky Premium offers additional protection features, including support that checks your PC's performance, detects whether or not your PC is protected, and configures all necessary settings.

For 100 days in a row, Kaspersky Premium gets early access for free.

Check the email you used when registering an account on VK Play. If mail isn't linked to your account, you will receive a notification with instructions in your VK Play personal account.

After you receive a notification, please click the submit button. On the Kaspersky Premium page, you will receive a 100-day exclusive access code.

On your first purchase, you will receive a free 100-day Kaspersky Premium subscription for three devices. Click Confirm.

Note: Kaspersky Premium is only available in Russia.

The purchase of a license will not be processed from the card, but an automatic renewal for the whole version and automatic payment will be enabled, which may be turned off.

The free 100-day subscription period will begin as soon as you subscribe. After the free period expires, the subscription will be automatically renewed for one year at a special price of 2549 RUB. In subsequent years, the cost of renewal without a discount will be debited from the payment method you specified - 2549 RUB per year.

You receive a Kaspersky Premium Subscription for 100 days, three devices, and one account.

The Kaspersky Premium license can be activated only within Russia. More information on the VK Play platform may be found here. The user must be activated on a special promotional page in order to receive free access to a new comprehensive protection system for three devices for 100 days. The subscription is automatically renewed after the expiration of this time.

In the spring of 2023, the security feature will be expanded.

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