Will Tom Cruise stop doing stunts in films?

Will Tom Cruise stop doing stunts in films? ...

When we talk about internationally recognized Hollywood films, we must necessarily think about the Mission Impossible film series. After all, whenever a new movie comes out in theaters, panic sets in, and everyone rushes to see what Tom Cruise has prepared for us this time. And considering that most of the action scenes are filmed by him rather than by doubles, the films become even more enjoyable.

We all approve of Tom Cruise's tireless work over the years. But it's time to realize that he's no longer the same age and that some of his stunts may become increasingly dangerous. But, what if we told you that Tom Cruise will continue doing this for a long time?

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Will Tom Cruise stop doing stunts in films?

We learnt about this decision by the actor during an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live. In fact, he has informed all of his fans that he intends to stay alive for 80 years.

Both the next Mission Impossible and the future Tom Cruise films will feature action and dangerous stunts performed by him, which are something fans admire the actor for doing at the highest level.

Tom Cruise's career has been a real hit over the years, with films for everyone. At this moment, this is one of Hollywood's finest actors.

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