Keke Palmers Boyfriend Who She Shares A Baby With: Darius Jackson

Keke Palmers Boyfriend Who She Shares A Baby With: Darius Jackson ...

  • Keke Palmer has been working as an actress in Hollywood since childhood, with one of her more recent projects being Jordan Peele’s ‘Nope’
  • The star revealed she welcomed a baby with boyfriend Darius Jackson on Feb. 27, 2023
  • Keke and Darius have been Instagram official since August 2021

Darius is a master of all trades.

According to his LinkedIn page, Darius Jackson has worked both in the fitness and entertainment industries over the years. According to the outlet, over 19,000 subscribers have subscribed to his YouTube channel, where he claims to have taught At Inspire Fitness.

What was the event that brought Keke and Darius together?

Keke and Darius appear to be quite private about their personal lives, although it has been said that the couple first met at an Insecure star's Memorial Day party.

For their Instagram official revelation, he raved about her.

Fans learned about the romance after the couple became Instagram official in August 2021. "You've been a blessing from above," Darius wrote of Keke at the time on his Instagram. "I'm grateful that we were able to support one another in the toughest situations."

His brother was on 'Insecure.'

According to Metro, Darius' brother, Sarunas Jackson, was reportedly invited to the bbq by her.

Keke is 'happily' with Darius.

When Keke first met Bustle in March 2022, she talked about her happiness. "So why would I go out of my way to hide this person?" she asked.

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