Samsung has filed patents for Galaxy Rings and Galaxy Glasses, implying an imminent release

Samsung has filed patents for Galaxy Rings and Galaxy Glasses, implying an imminent release ...

Samsung filed two new trademark applications last week for a "Galaxy Ring" and a set of "Galaxy Glasses." Samsung's XR (extended reality/mixed reality) headgear, which was unveiled at Galaxy Unpacked on February 1, may have this final name.

Samsung was granted the right to use the Galaxy Ring trademark on February 23, 2019. The Galaxy Ring is classified as a "smart device for monitoring health indicators and/or sleep in the form of a [a] ring."

The Oura Smart Ring is just one example of a competing device that includes a myriad of health and fitness features, including excellent sleep monitoring, powerful temperature sensors to record the female cycle, and more.

According to GalaxyClub, these are relatively straightforward to distinguish from other kinds of augmented or virtual reality glasses. There is no additional information on the technology, design, price, or anticipated market launch for this product.

Samsung had filed a smart ring patent application against the USPTO in October 2022, although it did not reveal any additional information.

Samsung announced their collaboration with Google and Qualcomm to develop new XR (extended reality) experiences at Unpacked on February 1; however, previous research suggests that this future mixed-reality gadget may operate more as a standalone headset than a laptop for basic VR applications.

According to KIPRIS, this futuristic headset may be referred to as "Galaxy Glasses." This term might be registered as a trademark in order to prevent others from using it. The Galaxy Glasses may be classified as "headphone," "smart glasses," and "smartphone."

Samsung may decide to develop the Galaxy Glasses as a stand-alone virtual and augmented reality (or mixed reality) experience.

There is a possibility that the Galaxy Ring might be released ahead of the Galaxy S23's official presentation on February 1.

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