The Day Before: A Calendar app designer confirms a name dispute

The Day Before: A Calendar app designer confirms a name dispute ...

The Day Before, a survival shooter based on the same name, had to be postponed owing to a name dispute. In the meantime, the creator of the calendar app with the same name spoke up and confirmed the legal battle with the Russian studio.

Fntastic's Russian developers reached out to the community and declared that the release of "The Day Before" on PC would be postponed from March to November 2023.

The postponement is due to a legal dispute over the name "The Day Before," according to Fntastic. Short after the survival shooter's announcement in January 2021, one individual obtained the US Patent and Trademark Office's "The Day Before."

The developer of the calendar app called "The Day Before" spoke to Eurogamer and admitted that he was suing Fntastic for the name.

Developers want their brand to be protected.

The development of a calendar app named "The Day Before" began in 2010. The developers are not attempting to impede the studio by removing obstacles. Instead, the sole aim is to protect one's own brand or rights.

The founders of the calendar app claim that the app was first launched in 2010 under the name 'The Day Before,' and that it has grown to over 40 million downloads.

"Since registering trademark rights in Korea in 2015, we have held the right (registered on behalf of 'The Day Before' CEO Lee Sun-jae). "We take measures to protect the trademark rights, knowing that the game of the same name was developed."

More information about The Day Before is available here.

When and in what form can a legal settlement be expected, those who headed Fntastic were recently optimistic and stated that the difficulties relating to the name should be resolved by the PC release of "The Day Before" in November 2023.

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