The Last of Us: A Preview of Episode 7 and 8

The Last of Us: A Preview of Episode 7 and 8 ...

Dominik Kaufmann | 02/27/2023 – 2:47 p.m.

HBO Max has uploaded a make-over for the current episode, as is the case every Monday, as well as a preview for episode eight.

The next episode of 'The Last of Us' will be available this week. This is already the seventh of nine episodes, which is why the series is slowly coming to an end.

Ellie's past

Episode Seven is based on the Left Behind DLC, as previously reported. This is a story about Ellie roaming around with her best friend Riley for the last time.

According to Neil Druckmann, this episode is a metaphor. What it is like to skip school in a post-apocalypse?

Storm Reid plays the African American girl. "We needed to find someone who was able to not only match Bella's talent, but also have an advantage over Ellie."

Mazin later explains that the finest moments in life are often interrupted by the worst. This is exactly what happens with Ellie and Riley, who both find themselves infected. Both deal with this fatal event completely differently: according to Mazin, Riley has experienced a defeat before. Ellie hasn't.

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More updates on The Last of Us: How to Get There

After Joel's injury, Ellie encounters the shady David alone.

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