A fatal flaw has discovered a hole in your progress in Hogwarts Legacy

A fatal flaw has discovered a hole in your progress in Hogwarts Legacy ...

The Wizarding World title was a great success for Warner Bros. Games and Avalanche Software. The title was described as a "long-term franchise" by rumors, although the game may be a TV series in the future.

In Hogwarts Legacy, bugs prevent a 100 percent trophy from being destroyed.

If you want to complete Hogwarts Legacy (buy now €59.99 / €53.99) 100%, you may have to encounter difficulties when trying. A recent bug appears to be all the more problematic, as players are denied the chance for the corresponding trophy.

Several users on Steam and Reddit have alerted you to this. The unfortunate players described their difficulties there. For example, on Reddit, user Cacophonous_Euphoria explained, still missing some experience points needed for level 40.

Some levels in the game are prevented by bugs. User Hansha wrote on the Steam forums that a particular quest was considered completed when it wasn't. However, the experience points needed to be obtained elsewhere required the Solution. This article does not help everyone who is affected.

The issue has been reported to the developers and is currently being investigated. If you encounter a similar difficulty and cannot talk to the relevant NPCs, you will have to wait for the appropriate patch for better or worse.

PC games enthusiasts are also a fan.

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The Nintendo Switch release of the action-adventure was scheduled for July 25, 2023.

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