A Stephen King novel inspired a major role in the 1990 Godzilla films

A Stephen King novel inspired a major role in the 1990 Godzilla films ...

Stephen King is one of the most well-known novelists in the genre of suspense and horror, and his major part of his work has been adapted for both the big and small screen.

The writer has made more than 60 soap operas and 200 published works, as well as a number of films and series based on his works. Great titles such as The Shining, It or Carrie are all well-known.

Stephen King's work has served as an inspiration for other film projects, including the popular Godzilla saga.

Carrie's Role as a Key Character in the Godzilla Movies

According to Screen Rant, a key character from Stephen King's most famous novels was directly inspired by Carrie.

Miki Saegusa, a young lady with psychic abilities who was able to hear Godzilla's thoughts as well as being able to engage in telepathic communication, made her debut in a new film series in the 1990s.

Kazuki Omori, Godzilla vs. Biollante's director, says the idea of a person like Miki in Godzilla's world came from Carrie, the well-known novel by a writer acknowledged as the master of terror.

Carrie's plot is based on the tale of a telekinetic and mind-reading adolescent who is eventually bullied to the limit by bullies at her high school.

Miki Saegusa's story was different from Carrie's, but her powers draw a clear line between the two characters. Did you know Stephen King's inspiration for this Godzilla character?

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