Canon's varioPRINT iX printers are now equipped with new software

Canon's varioPRINT iX printers are now equipped with new software ...

Canon has announced the release of a new software that enhances the varioPRINT iX printers, which have already added more than 125 installations in the EMEA region. This is significant because it establishes that it has become a popular choice in the B3 cut sheet digital printing industry.

Canon claims that over 45% of customers chose the varioPRINT iX as their first purchase of production printing equipment from the Japanese company, and used it to complement existing presses or to replace legacy equipment. This series has many advanced features that assist print service providers in reducing labor costs and increasing productivity.

Because of their printing technology, iQuariusIX is capable of reproducing 91% of Pantone spot colors. It can also be used with more than 1,000 approved substrates, including standard coated, uncoated, and creative offset media, making printing for a wide range of applications, from premium direct mail to brochures and calendars.

With all that this entails in terms of productivity, the Canon varioPRINT iX series is no slouch. Its performance has been further improved with the software R4.3, which helps achieve exceptional image quality, efficiency, and productivity.

This new version allows short-run or custom digital printing to be applied to a wider range of applications, including premium direct mail and high-quality, image-rich books. All this is achieved via a new automatic image quality check system, which scans each sheet to execute this control and makes dynamic system adjustments when necessary.

The automated Customer Media Validation (MVP) process provides an easier setup of new supports with the help of a wizard, as well as improved detection of possible multi-sheet feeds in the paper input module (PIM), which redirects detected sheets to the sendry. No operator intervention is required, and production continues uninterrupted.

The new Canon PRISMAsync controller will include additional workflow improvements, including support for Work Folders via SMB, support for subsets via JDF, enhanced support for encrypted media, and more.

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