What Was Happened to Keith in Alert? Is he still alive?

What Was Happened to Keith in Alert? Is he still alive? ...

'Alert: Missing Persons Unit' AKA 'Alert,' follows the disappearance of police officers Nikki Batista and Jason Grant's son Keith, who was kidnapped six years ago. The boy who claims to be Keith answers the questions they ask them about their son, and passes a DNA test to convince them that he is Lucas, the man who claims to be Keith.

Keith's Remains: What Was Happened?Is he still alive?

Lucas is immediately identified as Keith by Nikki, Jason, and Sidney, who invited him to their lives as a formality to verify that the boy is their son, only for Lucas to respond to them since he had already studied extensively about Keith to verify his findings from the family's interviews. However, Sidney is certain that the boy who claims to be her brother is not Keith.

Sidney decides to disclose Keith's activities to Nikki and Jason as the last resort. According to his story of the day, Keith died unexpectedly when she was crossing the frozen Union Lake. Sidney was not interested in seeing Keith follow her, and she pushed him to return to the house.

Lucas, who pretends to be Keith, tells Nikki and Jason that he was walking down a nearby road when they discovered that their son had been kidnapped.

Nikki, Jason, and their colleagues gather together to pay respect to Keith and Lucas without causing any hesitation. During the ceremony, Sidney reveals that authorities are searching for Keith's remains in Union Lake, indicating that his family is almost certain that they have lost their son. After confirming that the boy who claims to be Keith is not their son, Nikki and Jason must have undertaken an extensive search to discover his remains.

Keith most likely died of a drowning in Union Lake. Nikki and Jason appear to have accepted their son's apparent death as they look for his remains to arrange a proper funeral. The subsequent gathering they have organized to remember Keith is an indication of that acceptance. When Lucas appeared in the former couple's life, they were hopeful that they would soon regain their son.

Keith's apparent death and the circumstances surrounding it are still ambiguous. Sidney may have panicked after her brother fell into the lake, which must have prompted her to flee the place without waiting to ensure that he is dead. Even as per her account, Sidney didn't see her brother dying or dead.

If Nikki and Jason are fooled once by Lucas, they are expected to refuse to believe Keith even if he stands in front of them. However, such a plot may well be the foundation for a long-term drama.

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