Recap and Explanation of In/Spectre Season 2 Episode 8

Recap and Explanation of In/Spectre Season 2 Episode 8 ...

Iwanaga is invited alone to meet with the famous businessman Goichi Otonoshi in the eighth episode of 'In/Spectre' season 2, which ends with a confession from his wife's death. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Season 2 Episode 8 Recap of In/Spectre

Goichi Otonoshi, the current chairman of the Otonoshi group, invites Iwanaga to discuss something major. In the end, Goichi reveals that he does not even belong to the Otonoshi family. Denjiro Otonoshi, the then head of the Otonoshi group, saw his potential and married his daughter Sumi-san. However, as time passed, Sumi only became more controlling and complicated everyone's lives.

She refused to allow her oldest son to pursue his dreams because she wanted to enlist him to be the next head of the Otonoshi family. He then denied her youngest son's desire to be a partner in the family business as he wanted. All of this was eating Goichi from the inside, and he, therefore, made a plea to Fubuki to murder Sumi ten days later.

Goichi Otonoshi has been a strong advocate for his children since he was elected president. He has also saved the hotel business that was slowly failing. However, Iwanaga considers the situation in which he might change his mind and send his children the message that things will work out if they enlist the help of specters.

Kurou proceeds to argue that Goichi is already paying for his crimes with his life, but Iwanaga disagrees. He feels that Goichi's approaching her, to tell the truth, is a sign that he has no problem turning to outside sources when in need.

What Does Goichi Otonoshi Want to Do to Make His Children Believe in the Crimes He Has Committed?

Goichi explained to Iwanaga that if she tries to persuade his children that he has murdered his mother, they would be highly unlikely to believe it. He devises a strategy that will gradually lead his children to believe the horrific truth.

Goichi told his children that he killed his mother twenty-three years ago. He then gave them the task to come up with the best possible explanation for the case using the new information. Whoever does the best will be ranked accordingly when splitting their father's inheritance.

Iwanaga's presence ensures that Goichi's children will not think that the whole exercise is a waste of time or a joke. However, his children will certainly struggle to explain his crime the day of the meeting. This is so that Goichi's children may begin the conversation that is expected to uncover the truth about the horrifying murder that occurred 23 years ago.

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