After a false OmegleStory, Latto blasts NoJumpers Adam22

After a false OmegleStory, Latto blasts NoJumpers Adam22 ...

After NoJumper posted about an Omegle user allegedly not knowing who she was, Latto rang him up as a h*e and said he wouldn't have the same energy as a male rapper.

On Sunday (Feb. 26), the "Lottery" rapper said via Twitter that he "can't wait to meet" and "he said let's follow each other." Adam ua hoe, and would not try a male rapper like this, according to two tomato emojis at the end of the tweet.

'I've done enough today,' she said in another tweet. I'm trying not to respond to every little thing...Leave me alone!!!!!!!!!! I wake up work out, cook, go to the studio, and repeat. Ian gone tell y'all no mo!

Adam22 replied to Latto's tweet, saying, "Idk anything about this post, but me and my girl just made a giant pop tart." The accompanying photo showed a giant pop star covered with colorful sprinkles.

The original post from NoJumper read "#Latto was on #Omegle and landed with someone who didn't even know who she was" with a laughing emoji. Her friend asks the user if he has an Instagram, to which the user replies, "yes."

“Go on Instagram, let me show you something,” the GRAMMY nominee said. “Imma follow you back on Instagram, right?” the user asks blankly.

NoJumper assumed the latter.

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