While filming Deep Blue SeaStunt, LL Cool J became a bit embarrassed

While filming Deep Blue SeaStunt, LL Cool J became a bit embarrassed ...

LL Cool J's hat might be a shark's fin, but he appeared to be dripping while doing a stunt during a shoot at Deep Blue Sea. LL recalls an instance where a crew member's sudden disappearance to grab food to eat resulted in him almost dying.

"They just bailed on me," says the Queens native, who played cook Sherman "Preacher" Dudley in the 1999 film.

"They said 'Oh!' and gave me this little breathing apparatus, which you blow out and breathe in, all water!" he added. "I ended up struggling and getting out, I climbed out, and there was one guy sitting there with a cigarette, like, 'I saw what happened."

The rapper's performance in Deep Blue Sea would continue his path as a top-tier movie actor. The film grossed $165 million at the box office, and he was chosen for subsequent leading roles in the soundtrack of Deep Blue Sea, including "Say What" and "Deepest Bluest (Shark's Fin"), which were released as a single.

After revealing that his project would be postponed due to his dissatisfaction with the recorded material, LL has already had an eventful year. At the 65th Annual Grammy Awards earlier this month, the rapper led the Hip-Hop 50 tribute performance. In addition, the rapper has increased anticipation for his next studio album, which will be executive produced by Q-Tip.

"I'm just not convinced this album is appropriate for release," he wrote in a string of tweets that have since been deleted. "I'm not dropping it."

LL will later dispel doubts about the album by mentioning his intention to continue publishing it. "I was considering not to publish it because... IT'S TOO F**KING GOOD!" he said in an additional Instagram post.

"Q-Tip, you're a genius, this is my favorite album I ever recorded," says the Hip-Hop veteran. The album's track listing will be announced shortly.

The next album from LL Cool J will be the fourteenth album in the legend's career and will be released on Def Jam Records.

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