Jon Favreau has yet to complete The Mandalorian

Jon Favreau has yet to complete The Mandalorian ...

John Favreau, a director and screenwriter, said he has no intentions to stop the upcoming film "The Mandalorian" that begins in the universe "Star Wars."

The author is very pleased with the current plot structure and plans to continue to tell the story of Dina Dzharina (Pedro Pascal) and baby Grog. At the moment, Favreau has no specific ideas about a possible conclusion.

Despite his criticism of the show's release schedule, Favreau said the show's director believes the program increases the interest of the viewer because it allows them to recall the current episode while waiting for new episodes.

The upcoming third season should provide further information on the events on Mandalore, where Empire previously conducted a fatal "purge." Favreau also noted that the current series of the universe are really becoming more and more connected with each other, thus he keeps an eye on things in parallel shows such as "Asoke".

The Mandalorian's third season will premiere on March 1, while Favreau has already finished the script for the fourth season. In addition, the release of the same "Ahsoka" is expected in the autumn.

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