A fatal bug has discovered your progress in Hogwarts Legacy

A fatal bug has discovered your progress in Hogwarts Legacy ...

Hogwarts Legacy was a major success for Warner Bros. Games and Avalanche Software, and the title has been described as a "long-term franchise," as well as a "one-off TV series," as well as some players of the action role-playing game. Recently, a bug was discovered that prevents the title from being fully completed.

In Hogwarts Legacy, bugs prevent a 100 percent trophy.

When you try to complete Hogwarts Legacy (buy now €59.99 / €53.99) 100%, you may encounter difficulties. A recent bug has prevented the level progress, making the expectation of the corresponding trophy void. The bug ensures that players only receive a few experience points for the last XP level, and the 100 percent trophy remains unobtainable.

Some Steam and Reddit users have alerted users to this situation. The unfortunate players wrote on Reddit, noting that they had already completed all challenges and quests in the game but still missing some experience points needed for level 40. This raised the suspicion of a bug.

A user wrote on the Steam forums that a certain quest was logged as completed when it wasn't. However, the experience points for the task were missing and could not be obtained elsewhere. The Solution was to talk to the corresponding NPC of the quest and thus complete it.

The issue has been reported to the developers and is currently being worked on. If you encounter a similar issue and do not receive any assistance from the relevant NPCs, you will have to wait for the correct patch for better or worse.

PC game enthusiasts are also familiar with the genre.

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The Nintendo Switch release of the action-adventure was scheduled for July 25, 2023.

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