I feel like I've lost an hour: The Last of Us series' seventh episode isn't all that popular

I feel like I've lost an hour: The Last of Us series' seventh episode isn't all that popular ...

News culture "I feel like I've lost an hour": The Last of Us' eighth episode is not all that unanimous.

Published on 02/27/2023 at 21:21

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The Last of Us series is coming to an end, and Episode 7 is expected to be caught in a spiral of discontent. Overall, Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin's saga has been well-received, but Amazon Prime Video has just released the most controversial episode of the series, which is more surprising than one might anticipate.

The Last of Us series has played with the viewer since it began broadcasting, often using flashbacks to explain previous events that served the present story. We were able to witness it in particular with episode 3 and the moving story of Bill and Franck.

In the following paragraph, spoilers are invited to pay attention.

A kiss, spoilers, and a dreadful return to the past

We therefore agree that the director simply transscribed the Left Behind DLC, which had been subjected to widespread bullying by trolls when it was released. Earlier in the week, episode 3 had the same level of inappropriate remarks, and therefore there is a good possibility that the same will happen with this seventh episode based on the Ellie/ Riley connection.

The first negative comments on the web disappeared in no time. The other issue stems from its somewhat abrupt conclusion and its "too faithful" respect for the source material. Some (who are less familiar with video games) believe that The Last of Us is a drama and that this episode 7 has its place in Ellie's development.

Episode 7 is likely to divide just as much, if not more, as episode 3 is likely to. Some will see it as a filler, while others will succumb to this relationship between two young women who are left to themselves.

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