How to Find a Katana, a Pistol, and All Other Weapons in Sons of the Forest

How to Find a Katana, a Pistol, and All Other Weapons in Sons of the Forest ...

Are you playing Sons of the Forest and need something more powerful than a simple spear to defeat the cannibals that attack you every night? No problem, because in this article we will teach you all of the major weapons of the Endnight Games survival horror.

Sling is a linguist who has a long history of being a good listener.

All you need do is enter the same cave as in Sons of the Forest, where the shovel is concealed. Right outside the entrance, you will find the corpses of three soldiers dressed in black, one of whom conceals the ranged weapon.

Axes of the past

The modern Axe is a great survival tool for soldiers in an abandoned camp northeast of the snowy area. It requires no special skill on the player and is easily recovered.

Pistol and flashlight

The pistol, like the sling and the modern ax, is not hidden in a cave or in the open. Continue until you reach the beach and look for a black inflatable with a flashing red light: swim until you reach the object and enter it to retrieve the weapon, being careful of the sharks. The flashlight to be applied to the pistol is located in the last part of the dungeon, owned by a deceased soldier.

The flash pistol is a pistol reflex weapon.

The Stun Gun may not be Sons of the Forest's finest weapon, but it allows you to knock out even the most dangerous enemies for a few minutes with a single shot, so that you can concentrate on who is still standing or strike them repeatedly in the head while they are still unconscious. It can be found in a cave on the north beach, just west of the machete's location.

Machete is a versatile rifle that can be used in many situations.

The Machete, a powerful cutting weapon used to decapitate cannibals, is found near the remains of a destroyed dinghy.

The weapon of choice is a string rifle.

The Rope Rifle will not be required to eliminate enemies, although it will be useful for maneuvering around. You can connect two points with a rope and then switch between them in a few minutes, just south of the snowy area.


The crossbow will first be needed to recover the blue tile with the shovel. Once you have obtained the card, you may enter the northwest cave marked by a green icon on the GPS. Go down to the area with the cold room and open the metal door.

Bow made of composite materials

If you want something more serious, grab your shovel and go to the southwest corner of the island, just north of the only body of water in the area. The place, marked with a green dot on the GPS, will allow you to dig and recover the precious weapon.

Guitar and chainsaw

Both weapons are hidden in a single cave, inside which there is a door accessible only to those who have the blue card (the exact location can be found at the bottom of the guide).

The baton should be stunned.

The stun stick is a handy tool for relocating the Rope Rifle in the open air. You will discover a small waterfall with a structure made of bones and skulls: holding everything up is just what you need.


In several places on the island of Sons of the Forest, you may recover the golf club: in one case the blue card is required, in the other the shovel will suffice. In any case, you will find both versions of the weapon in the north-east section of the map.

Revolver is a wheelbarrow.

The Sons of the Forest revolver is hidden underground and can only be found by those who have a shovel in their backpack. Follow the stream that leads to the beach, as you will not be able to locate the point along the way.


The Shotgun, which is extremely useful for preventing cannibals from getting too close, is already there: you will immediately recognize the spot where to dig thanks to the presence of a wooden stick made of red cloth.


A little farther to the left of the snowy area there is a large body of water: just to the east of the lake there is a locked door. Enter and continue until you find the pistol in the same dungeon.

Axes of Fireman

The Fireman's Ax, a world-class melee weapon, is located northwest of the snowy area, near the snake-shaped stream. Thanks to the GPS and the green icon, you will never overlook the weapon.

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