The Oni skinline will be renewed with Episode 6: Act 2 starting March 7, 2023, according to Valuable

The Oni skinline will be renewed with Episode 6: Act 2 starting March 7, 2023, according to Valuable ...

New Oni skins for Vandal, Ares, Bulldog, and a new Katana, the Onimaru Kunitsuna, will be introduced in conjunction with the launch of theEpisode 6: Act 2 from March 7, 2023.

The Oni line's skins, which launched in 2020, will be enhanced, particularly when it comes to masks that combine 3D rendering and 2D anime style for a very unique outcome.

The entire package will be available at 7100 VIP prices.

Onimaru Kunitsuna (Oni Katana melee) Oni Vandal Oni Bulldog Oni Ares Oni Frenzy Oni Card Oni Spray Oni Gun Buddy Oni

The levels, too.

Tier 1 – Custom Weapon Model Tier 2 – Custom Fire Audio & Mazzle Flash Tier 3 – Custom Equip, Reload & Idle VFX & Audio Tier 4 – Finisher & Kill Banner Variant 1 – Gold/Black Variant 2 – Pink/Mint Variant 3 – Blue/White

“Oni has been extremely popular with players for a long time.” said the lead cosmetics producer Preeti Khanolkar.

"Players are constantly asking for more Oni skins, especially for Vandal. New Oni skins have been in development for almost two years, so it's been difficult not to misunderstand 'Oni Vandal' when talking about skins with players! Through the expansion of the line of skins, the team realized that they could push the fantasy in a way that hadn't been possible in 2020 with the original Oni skins."

“You’ll hear Oni's ghostly echoes even more this time,” said the team. The Katana Oni, which is much different from RGX's. “When you inspect it. the blade.”

"Oni is a corrupted and powerful heirloom who seeks vengeance," said the associate instead. art director Sean Marino

“Several times during development we had trouble distinguishing the Vandal from the Phantom in first person.” Producer Laura Baltzer concluded.

"We're confident we've fixed this so players will be able to tell the difference in a fraction of a second if they're a spectator of an adversary." "I hope players enjoy the Vandal's subtle firing sound, even though the Phantom they've fallen in love with uses the default fire audio."

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