Minecraft has new seasons, developed by the game's creator

Minecraft has new seasons, developed by the game's creator ...

The water freezes in the winter, and the ground is covered with snow.

Mikael Hedberg, the main creator of Minecraft's Java version, improves the game in his spare time, although only in the form of datapacks and not patches. Mikael Hedberg's latest project extends the game's seasons.

Winter, spring, summer, and autumn last for 20 days and alternate endlessly with each other; some biomes can change in their own way: for example, a dry season and a rainy season appear in the savannah.

When autumn arrives, the trees begin to appear yellow or red. Along with the arrival of winter, rivers and oceans gradually freeze over, and the ground and trees become covered with snow. In spring, the snow melts, and the grass and trees gradually return to their usual colors.

Mikael's seasons datapack runs exclusively on the server — no modifications to the Minecraft client are required. The datapack is compatible with shaders and supports multiplayer play.

The datapack has been released as a beta version compatible with Minecraft 1.19.3 due to the particularities of the seasons' implementation; in the future, Mikael believes, the datapack will be improved.

The seasons datapack can be downloaded here.

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