Forbes: The CEO of Techland, the world's richest video game author,

Forbes: The CEO of Techland, the world's richest video game author, ...

Forbes' annual ranking of the country's top 100, including Pawel Marchewka, the CEO of Techlandamong's video game businessmen, has not been published by any of CD Projekt's senior executives.

Poland is one of the most significant European countries when it comes to video game development, with companies like Techland and CD Projekt e Playway.

Michal Solowow, the nation's richest man, owns dozens of businesses in several sectors worth $5.7 billion. Dino Polska's founder, with $4.4 billion, follows, and Jerzy Starak, the CEO of Polpharma, with $3.4 billion.

Pawe Marchewka is the only video game producer to take fifth place with 1.87 billion dollars.

Marchewka founded Techland in 1991. The company initially focused on translating foreign video games into Polish and distributing them on the local market. In 1993, Techland began developing the Chrome Engine, which is used for games such as Chrome, Call of Juarez, Dead Island, and Dying Light, which was instead developed using the studio's new technology.

Due to the successful launch of Dying Light 2 Stay Human, which sold more than 5 million copies in its first month on the market, Il patrimony by Marchewka has increased in the last year.

Marcin Iwiski and Micha Kiciski, the founders of CD Projekt, didn't make the top 10 either. Playway's CEO, Krzysztof Kostowski, was not included in the top 10 either.

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