Omen of Sorrow: A dark fighting game that has a PS5 version has been appointed

Omen of Sorrow: A dark fighting game that has a PS5 version has been appointed ...

The PS5 version of AOne Games had already been released last year.

The PlayStation 4 horror game "Omen of Sorrow" was released at the end of 2018, by AOne Games' developers and publisher Eastasiasoft.

After the two studios announced in February of last year that a revised version of "Omen of Sorrow" would be available on PlayStation 5, things have been a bit quiet in recent months about the port to Sony's current console.

AOne Games' executives spoke up once more and gave the PlayStation 5 remake of "Omen of Sorrow" a date. The fighting title will be released on PlayStation 5 on March 23, 2023.

The PS5 is getting all of these improvements.

On the one hand, players on the PlayStation 5 will experience improved graphics, a faster frame rate, and a higher resolution, as stated in the official announcement last year.

The PlayStation 5 includes additional Story Mode content as well as Arcade mode endings, however, nothing has changed in terms of the playful implementation. Omen of Sorrow is still a 2.5D fighting game in which you control disturbing characters drawn from fields such as horror, literature, and mythology.

The developers continue, adding a skill-oriented twist to combat with icons like Frankenstein's monster and Egyptian high priest Imhotep.

The gloomy setting and the soothing music, which was composed by Francisco Cerda ("After Death", "Gunpoint"), are two of the film's strengths.

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More information on Omen of Sorrow has been released.

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