Genshin Impacts Latest Banner Sets a New Revenue Record

Genshin Impacts Latest Banner Sets a New Revenue Record ...

Ye Lan and Hu Tao proving to be much more popular than Ayato and Shogun Raiden.

The second banner for Patch 3.4 comes to an end with Genshin Impact until the first patch 3.5 is released. Already now, the banner has raised the game's all-time high for revenue in China, the largest market.

Hu Tao and Ye Lan's iOS banner has raised more than $44.615 million in China, according to GenshinLab, a resource that tracks Genshin Impact's iOS banner revenue. This is the highest score in Genshin Impact's history.

A banner displaying Kamisato Ayato and Shogun Raiden earned only $36.578 million in the Chinese market.

Gan Yu and Kokomi, a couple who made only $15.681 million, provided the most modest result among the banners featuring two 5-star performers.

Chinese players make up roughly a third of Genshin Impact's total revenue on mobile platforms. It can be assumed that revenue distribution across banners will be the same in other large regions.

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