This dangerous artificial intelligence (AI) can quickly ruin your childhood

This dangerous artificial intelligence (AI) can quickly ruin your childhood ...

News JVTech This dangerous artificial intelligence (AI) can wreak havoc on your childhood quite easily.

Published on 02/27/2023 at 19:15

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AI is fashionable! Many programs have been implemented to cover a variety of topics, such as writing with ChatGPT or graphics with Dall.e, but other AIs are beginning to emerge on the internet, and this may well cause some problems...

A form of artificial intelligence capable of imitating voices

Artificial intelligences are now capable of imitating human voices. You may have seen a demonstration of this kind of AI with youtubers' fake videos recently. AI is fashionable and new tools are beginning to popularize.

As a result of the AI's imitation skills, difficulties may arise. It is thus able to make similar sounds depending on the basic object that is provided to it. For example, if we give a videographer hours and hours of audio recording, it will be able to reproduce typical texts that this videographer could pronounce, as well as to put the same vocal tones.

Public figures are among the first to be affected by this type of artificial intelligence (AI). There are many methods to obtain audio recordings of certain individuals, from actors to videographers to voice actors, and some users have had a great time creating quite funny situations with the voices of some Youtubers.

ElevenLabs is a very powerful tool that can recreate voices in a very realistic way.

Voice actors face huge challenges.

Initially, we get used to it, but then, something unexpected happens... Malicious users have begun to broadcast fake recordings with known voices, such as Emma Watson's (Hermione Granger in Harry Potter).

Users are able to literally destroy your childhood by repurposing artificial intelligence audio content.

Since trolls and stalkers are beginning to contact brands or individuals with fake celebrity voices, problems have arisen on many English-speaking forums... This kind of content is very difficult to moderate for different platforms...

While waiting for "anti-AI" technologies, we advise you to pay close attention to the information produced by this kind of artificial intelligence. Many fake news are circulated on Twitter or even Tik Tok, where famous personalities sing praises or dismisses insults or other sins.

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