Demon Slayer Season 3: Is the anime still the best? We saw episode 1!

Demon Slayer Season 3: Is the anime still the best? We saw episode 1! ...

Demon Slayer is a news culture series from the third season, but is the anime still the best? We saw episode 1!

Published on 02/27/2023 at 18:29

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During the Demon Slayer World Tour, the eyes of manga lovers have been drawn to the television adaptation of Chainsaw Man or Blue Lock; now, another gigantic beast is about to return to the small screen: that of Demon Slayer, a cult organization in Japan that works with several securities. Here are their first impressions.

In a nutshell, the term Demon Slayer applies to all of mankind.

Demon Slayer (aka Kimetsu no Yaiba) by Koyoharu Gotoge has become a household name in Japan after surpassing One Piece's sales record. This is a testament to its television adaptation, which includes only Kenshin the Vagabond and Hunter x Hunter, who has gone on to remake the film Demon Slayer.

Despite the success of the film, the producer Aniplex wants to return to a more traditional format for season 2 and season 3: that of the animated series broadcast on the small screen. This month, season 2 returns to the front of the stage as part of the Demon Slayer World Tour, which will be shown around the world next year.

A video that promises a lot of fun

The Village of Blacksmiths narrative arc (the one covered by the third season) is a direct continuation of Tanjiro's adventures, according to the forecast. neophytes will certainly miss out on many issues and script keys.

ufotable's ability to create very nice landscapes that are palpable even behind the fourth wall is a reason for my desire to get started. Not only the protagonists, but also the antagonists, who we see for a long time during this first episode.

ufotable's animation and colorful special effects will be present in this likely anime of 2023, although we can still rewatch the 44 episodes already available or get an idea of what awaits us with the (re)reading manga from volume n°12.

Find out more about the Demon Slayer universe in this video.

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