Komi Cant Communicate Chapter 394: The Death Games Have Begin!

Komi Cant Communicate Chapter 394: The Death Games Have Begin! ...

Komi Can't Communicate Chapter 394 is the topic of the next week's issue. Kawai suggests a three-person marriage, and she also directed a video explaining why she felt this was a good idea.

The next chapter will focus on some interesting conversations. This might be one of the last occasions that Kawai is attempting to bring Tadano to her side. However, there are chances that she may eventually reject her offer!

Komi Can't Communicate Chapter 394: What Happened Next?

The new Komi Can't Communicate chapter 394, which includes the raw scans and plot details, has not been released in the public domain. However, the title has already been released. "Death Game at the Riverside," according to Kawai. Before the beginning of this titular game, Tadano will deliver her answer. This is something she's wanted to know for a long time.

Tadano decided not to leave Komi for her, and she came up with a different notion of a three-way marriage. Now, the next chapter awaits the answer to this question. What do you expect his reply to be?

Recap of the Previous Chapter

Komi Can't Communicate Chapter 393 was titled "The Benefits of Marrying Me on DVD." In the real world, Kawai was posing to Tadano as a greeting message. This was also a recorded message that Kawai was promoting.

The three of them sit at the dining table to eat dinner. None of them talked about anything interesting in the previous conversation. Thus, they all went to sleep after the end of the discussion. With the DVD coming to an end, Kawai suggested that all of them agree on a three-person marriage.

Komi Can't Communicate Chapter 394: When Does It Happen?

The great thing about this news is that this one will be released in a matter of days. Komi Can't Communicate Chapter 394's last release date will be published only on Kodansha's official websites. We'll update this section if there are any additional information on this.

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